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There are two ways to join our movement. Simply create an account and decide if you would like to bid/buy art, or sell your art. If you would like to sell your art on our site, scroll down for details!


Art4Art will gladly accept any art from any medium.

Please email (submissions@art4art.infoall submissions with attached photos and the following information: 

1. Artist Name:
2. Artist Age:
3. Title of Piece:
4. Artist Medium:
5. Size (and weight if applicable)
6. Artist City:
7. Shipping option *listed below
8. Start price (price your bid starts at); 
Reserve price (minimum price you will let it sell for); and
Buy now price (price you will accept to end bidding early).

9. OPTIONAL: Mini-bio.
-Bios will be included in the description of the art along with the possibility of being chosen for our Weekly Artist Highlight!
-Weekly Artist Highlight means we post a little bit about you, your submitted piece, links to your social media or business page all on our social media pages!  

Shipping Options

Option 1:
Mail to Intrinsic Marketing Collective at
2708 S. Redwood Road, West Walley, Utah 84119. 
If you chose to mail your works to our office, we will mail you a parcel and a shipping label for a discounted rate up to $10.00 USD. (If shipping exceeds $10.00, you be required to cover the difference).
We will need the size and weight of your piece to determine the parcel size.
We will professionally photograph all submissions and send an email confirmation once your piece is ready for auction.
Once your piece is sold, we will send you an electronic payment for your commission and we will be responsible for shipping and handeling costs to the winning bidder. 

Option 2: 
Artists keep their works until piece is sold.
If you chose to hold your art until sold, please email us photographs and we will email you once your auction is up. Once your piece is sold, you (the artist) will be required to pay for shipping and handeling costs once you receive your payout. 



♥ Thank you for helping us change the world ♥